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Subtropical Climate in Europe

Subtropical climate in Europe
 Majuelo Park-Almuñécar-

We are in continental Europe, it took us about 3 hours and a half by plane from Norway, or have come by train or bus, or car, or motorcycle, or bicycle or auto stop, the trip was not particularly long but we are in a place where the average temperature in Winter does not fall below 6 º C, so we can say that there is no winter.

On the other hand, summer, with temperatures above 20 ° C, although it is long (four months) has maximum temperatures exceeding 30 ° C, only in extreme cases.

The temperature difference between the hottest month and the coldest according to the annual average (annual thermal amplitude) is 12.4 ° C.

There is an average of 321 sunny days per year.

The average relative humidity per year is 75.85 % maximum and 45% minimum.

Almuñécar reaches the highest temperatures in Europe in winter; this together with the low temperature fluctuations during the seasons, make the town have extraordinary thermal characteristics compared to the rest of Europe.

The sea temperature does not usually fall bellow 14 ° C.

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